Poetry – June Perkins, Art -Helene Magisson, Design – Heidi Den Ronden

Heidi Den Ronden was part of a dedicated and delightful team who worked together to produce Magic Fish Dreaming.

Her playful designs enhanced the artistic work of Helene Magisson and showed sensitive understanding of my poetry.

Her professionalism and high level communication skills made working with her a rewarding and enriching experience for all in the team.

June Perkins, Writer and Project Manager, Magic Fish Dreaming.

Working on Magic Fish Dreaming



This project involved:

Using fonts and styling suitable for engaging young children and their families with poetry and illustration.

Preparing digital scans and retouching original art work for cymk printing onto paper and calico.

Design and layout for a pull-up banner.

Liaising with the printer for colour proofing and preparation of work for printing

Collaborating as a team with the project manager and author, illustrator and printer.